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The position has been filled, thank you for all applicants!


News regarding the announcement:

  • 25.11.2012 - Job announcement published
  • 12.12.2012 - The job at OMS has gathered much interest already, with almost 10 high-quality applicants from 4 different European countries after only two weeks.
  • 19.12.2012 - For your information: we have already begun negotiations with the most prominent candidates. Our intention is to organise interviews within the first quarter of 2013.
  • 15.03.2013 - For your information: we are organising several camps in March-April, during which our four most prominent applicants visit our club to hold trainings, lessons and to talk with our club personnel. Negotiations will be complete in the beginning of May.
  • 19.06.2013 - Javier Menéndez Fernández announced as the new head coach of foil fencing in the Oulu fencing club.
Javier Menéndez Fernández, the new head coach of foil fencing in Oulu


We expect that you:

  • have a fencing master diploma
  • specialise in foil fencing (expertise in epée/sabre considered a plus)
  • have fluent skills in the english (or finnish...) language
  • have good communication skills in general
  • are eager to work with fencers of all ages and levels
  • want to reach high level results with your best students
  • you are ready to commit yourself long-term
  • value a good enthusiastic atmosphere and a good support for your work

You understand the coaches' central position in the club and the value and importance of the coach communicating actively towards both athletes, parents and volunteers.

The job

The job of the fencing master in Oulun Miekkailuseura would entail:

  • Holding private lessons
  • Group instruction
  • Being in charge of all aspects of training for competitive fencers
  • Competition and training schedule planning for competitive fencers
  • Teaching at camps and school courses
  • Accompanying fencers to competitions

Salary consists of basic salary plus salary for lessons and camps. Specifics of compensation to be negotiated with the applicants.

The position is open and will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is found. Exact beginning date to be negotiated with the candidate.

Oulu Fencing Club

Both beginner and more advanced fencers at the Fencing club of Oulu salle.

The Oulu Fencing club, Oulun Miekkailuseura, established 2002,

  • Has 10 volunteer instructors and coaches
  • Has fencers from 6 year olds up to veterans
  • Several promising juniors interested in high-level results
  • We have our own salle, with space for six pistes, and additional space for private lessons, in the centre of Oulu
  • The salle is available 7 days a week, whole day, and is used only for fencing.
The salle is dedicated only to fencing.


James MacRae coached in Oulun Miekkailuseura for a period of two months in Spring 2012. Here is his account on his stay in our club.


Regarding Oulu:


I have found the city of Oulu to be a an interesting and very pleasant place to stay.  Oulu seems to embrace all nations as I have met many from different parts of Europe and the America's. It has a friendly and social atmosphere where I found all I needed in a  small but well stocked city centre.


Fencing club:


The club was idealy situated for me, about a 10 min walk form the flat I was staying in.  I believe Oulu fencing club are very lucky!  They have a salle that is designed for the training of fencing, a sprung floor, metallic pistes, targets on the wall and plenty of equipment for all ages.  This is a fencing coaches dream as he just needs to turn up and coach and not worry about when they have to leave the salle and the transportation of equipment.


As a visitor to the area I was worried about meeting new people in a new environment.  I found all staff and members of the club approachable and friendly and willing listen and learn when instructed.  All worked incrediably hard to make my stay enjoyable and to become part of Oulu fencing club.  


There are various ages groups within the club (from very young to veterns) with a core of dedicated fencers and officals that wish to improve the clubs fencing and coaching situation.  I believe that this will happen sooner rather than later and I feel that with the determination of the present coaches we shall soon see competitive fencers from Oulu in national teams!


All age groups of the clubs fencer wished to learn and enthuasticly took part in all training sessions, with some training for various competitions they had entered.  I believe that Oulu fencing club would provide a fantastic oppotunity for a future coach to devlop the club and for the coach to take part in international events within their choosen weapon.

  James KH MacRae
James MacRae coached in Oulu in Spring 2012

City of Oulu

The city of Oulu is situated in the northern part of Finland and is the biggest city in the region, and the 6th largest city in Finland. Read more about Oulu at:

Oulu is well-connected with our local airport, and most locations in Europe can be reached with 2-3 flights.

City of Oulu and the Oulu river


Applications to the position are to be sent via email to

Applications should contain:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copies of diplomas and certificate relevant to the position
  • References from past employers

Applications will be considered until the position is filled.

The fencing club of Oulu is looking forward to your application!

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Alasintie 3-7
90400 OULU, Finland
puh 045-8997710
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